Vexin, mon amour

20180225_153059_Pano.jpgLorsque j’habite à Paris et travaille ici et là et surtout sur ma thèse de post-doc, j’ai toujours besoin de m’évader quelque part loin de la grande ville avec son rythme et sa vitesse de TGV… Et puisque l’océan est trop inaccessible pour plusieurs raisons, les deux Vexins (français et normand) sont devenu pour moi, il y a deux ans, un endroit unique pour les escapades, un monde sublime qui m’apporte tellement de joie, de tranquillité, voire de bonheur…

Je veux bien écrire ici sur mes balades solo à trottinette ou à pied dans ce monde parallèle au monde de ma quotidienneté. Parfois, il y aura quand même d’autres histoires dont la source est extérieure à Vexin, comme la Côte d’Argent, la mer Égéenne, etc…



Juziers – Vétheuil

This is perhaps the most beautiful, quiet and long (25 km) route not far from Paris for the one who loves grandes espaces…

One summer day, I thought if it were possible to reach Vétheuil from Juziers. Yes, it was, phisically. But I worked also every Saturday, while the only possibility to go to Vétheuil was that one could come back home only taking a bus from this charmful village. The last bus from Vétheuil every weekend is at 16.45 pm on Saturday. As Sunday is usually the only day for my randonnées, I did not have this bus option. There are no busses at all in Vexin on Sunday.

Now however I can escape from Paris on Saturday and on Sunday, and thanks gods autumn this year was dry. So the last Saturday I walked from Juziers to Montalet-le-Bois, and then reached Lainville-en-Vexin. This part of the trip was extremely quiet, there was no one except me, neither cyclists (perhaps because of the « gilets jaunes » manifestation), nor hunters. The blue sky is closer here, on this vast plateau, which is not deformed yet by arterial roads or by Calcia… This is the only quiet place near Paris where I feel happy, where I can hide and be completely alone.

After Lainville I crossed the forest d’Arthies in the direction of Drocourt and the noisy road to Beauvais. The landscape, visual and acustic, changes here, and I try to reach Drocourt as fast as I can. After Drocourt it is quiet again, although the plane is not plane any more, there’s more forest and more relief. I continue in the direction of Saint-Cyr-en-Arthies, tiny charmful village on the edge of the plateau, with its church and Château de la Bûcherie.


I hesitate: I want to visit Vienne-en-Arthies but not sure if I have enough time. I check the itinerary on google maps, and finally head to Vienne. I walk along the very old wall of the Château, it really needs restauration; suddenly the road goes abruptly down and I see Vienne and its church, and a hill just behind it. The landscape is more like huge green waves now, and I float between them until I reach Vétheuil with its beautiful allée linking Vétheuil with Vienne-en-Arthies.

I was here several times about two years ago. This very old place with its wonderful church on the hill wears also some prints of my past presence. There are 45 minutes left to my bus, and I enter the Tabac on the bus stop, the villageois drinking inside gaze at me and discuss the noble owners of some local estate. Théméricourt, Mézy… I ask the barwoman for a glass of white wine, and see a postcard in front of me, the one I wanted but did not buy two years ago. There were two left right now. So this time I bought it, the old bridge of Limay. A bit later, the bus arrived and took me from this silent idyllic world.


fast feet, long distance

to cover great distances in several hours, one have to wear extra-light and ultra-comfortable shoes

I walked 25 kilometers last Saturday

I walked 30 km one rainy Sunday a week ago

I  walked 30 km another Sunday two weeks ago

also a light enough backpack is preferable (i always take thermos, Canon 400D, something to eat, Amazon Kindle, last time – a pair of shoes for the marsh)