Vexin, mon amour

20180225_153059_Pano.jpgLorsque j’habite à Paris et travaille ici et là et surtout sur ma thèse de post-doc, j’ai toujours besoin de m’évader quelque part loin de la grande ville avec son rythme et sa vitesse de TGV… Et puisque l’océan est trop inaccessible pour plusieurs raisons, les deux Vexins (français et normand) sont devenu pour moi, il y a deux ans, un endroit unique pour les escapades, un monde sublime qui m’apporte tellement de joie, de tranquillité, voire de bonheur…

Je veux bien écrire ici sur mes balades solo à trottinette ou à pied dans ce monde parallèle au monde de ma quotidienneté. Parfois, il y aura quand même d’autres histoires dont la source est extérieure à Vexin, comme la Côte d’Argent, la mer Égéenne, etc…


Gone with the wind


My favorite season started 🙂 Rains, storms, the nature is nearly sleeping, the landscapes are greater, the feeling of solitude deeper. I made my ordinary walk around Brueil, Jambille and Lainville yesterday, listening to the fierce wind in the forests I passed through. I love when something greater and much stronger than me overwhelms me, like the wind sounds or the ocean music. Luckily, it was not raining, and the air quite mild and gentle, not piercing cold.

Found and cooked 1,5 kg mushrooms.

Back to Vétheuil

21 September. The weather was hot, dry and sunny, I was eager to run away from the big city bits. Although I’m mostly sitting in Paris, sitting looks like running. I need to stop, and a walk that lasts for 6 hours is a goood looong stop, as long as 25 kilometers’ walk.

I started from Juziers, as you already know, and continued till Lainville-en-Vexin, village were I realized this time that the chaos in my head flew away. I was finally here.

I didn’t make a circle to come back to Juziers, but went further to Saint-Cyr-en-Arthies and, via Vienne-en-Arthies, arrived finally to Vétheuil. Last time I was here at the end of November 2018. All the way between Lainville and Vétheuil I wondered where all the people are. As if I were the only walker in that vast space of Vexin.

But Vétheuil was rather too noisy, lots of people, lots of changes. Summer was still there. I prefer the closer-to-winter weather…


Spring outside Paris

I am opening the spring season. Join me during my walks if you are in Paris. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or on Sunday. Any day is good as long as it is sunny and not that windy. Don’t hesitate and join me, because that’s an unforgettable experience of silence and beauty.